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Easy Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

Difficulty Level:

This unicorn paper plate craft idea is super cute and super easy to make! Anyone who has a little girl in their life will be very familiar with their fascination about unicorns! These mystical creatures fuel girls’ imaginations and so does craft – combine the two and you have a winning recipe!

Unicorn Paper Plate Craft Supplies

  • Free Printable Unicorn Template (grab yours at the bottom of this post)
  • 1 x large paper plate (1 per unicorn)
  • Colorful yarn (3 colors)
  • Large wiggly eyes
  • PVA/craft glue OR a stapler
  • Hole punch
  • Colored card – white, gold and pink
  • Black marker
  • Scissors


  1. Punch 5 holes along the rim of the plate, spaced evenly apart
  2. Cut 5 x 3 inch strands of each color of yarn, giving you a total of 15 strands
  3. Next, select one strand of each color of yarn and thread through one of the hole punches. Tie with a simple knot to secure it. Your unicorn now has a mane!
  4. Give your unicorn’s mane a trim to tidy up the ends.
  5. Now it’s time to get your scissors and colored card. Cut:
    • Pink card into an oval shape to make your unicorn nose
    • Gold card into a unicorn horn shape
    • White card into 2 x ear shapes
  6. Using your glue or a stapler, stick the:
    • Horn above the unicorn mane/hair
    • Ears on either side of the mane/hair
    • Nose centred and towards the bottom of the plate
  7. Your unicorn face is nearly done! Now it’s time to grab the goggly eyes and stick them above the nose
  8. Finally, use the black marker to draw some nostrils

Share Your Unicorn Paper Plate Craft & WIN

If you or your child has made one of these gorgeous unicorn paper plates, upload to Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook and tag @amitielane. Each month we will randomly draw a winner to receive one of our products.

Download your unicorn paper plate craft template