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10 Tips For Creating Stunning Journal Pages

10 Tips For Creating Stunning Journal Pages

Journal writing can help kids process feelings, build writing skills, and communicate their ideas. Journaling encourages your child to grow while discovering open-ended writing.

Combine journaling with scrapbooking and it teaches children that writing is fun. It can include pictures, doodles, stickers, and objects such as flowers, ticket stubs, or other memorabilia.

We have put together 10 tips to get you started on your journaling adventure!

#1 Don’t limit yourself to using only photos – think outside the box!

Display ticket stubs, receipts from special outings, bits of wrapping paper/ribbons from birthday or holiday gifts, dried leaves/flowers, programs/event flyers, magazine clippings, postcards, letters, envelopes and handwritten notes.

#2 Keep your Scraps

No matter how small the scrap is – keep it, you will be amazed by what you can use when you really get into the swing of things.

#3 Create an eye-catching background or page accents

Use freehand, bowls, plates and anything round to help you draw the curved shape of patterned paper and glue it to your page. It instantly creates visual interest to your background.

#4 Page titles that POP

For a great page title, cut out letters from patterned paper.

#5 Handwrite your journaling on cardstock

Cut it into strips and adhere them to your layout with glue or staple them in order to give your page a random, fun look.

#6 Experiment with tearing paper

Give a more textured look to your page by tearing off one side of your patterned paper. It’s a fast and easy way to add more visual interest to a layout.

#7 Be bold with your fonts

Mix fonts in your page title to create a dynamic, fun and random look to your layout!

#8 Tilt Your Photos

Want a more energetic look to your page? Tilt your photos slightly to create “movement” on your page.

scrapbooking tips

#9 Use small envelopes to create extra room for journaling

Add on a premade envelope to your layout to tuck in extra journaling. Give your envelope a unique look by customizing it to your own preference.

#10 Make flippable tabs

Layer your photos, staggering them down the page. Attach each one from the top with Washi Tape at the top so you can flip through them.

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