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Itsy Unicorn – Augmented Reality App

  /  Itsy Unicorn – Augmented Reality App

Enter the magical world of Amitié Lane ® to start your journey of friendship with Itsy Unicorn ™. Unlock AR gameplay by scanning your Amitié Lane product using the camera of your mobile device to experience the 3D world experience, where you…

  • Care for Itsy and become best friends forever
  • Feed Itsy apples from the magic fruit tree
  • Help Itsy to be brave and confident during challenges
  • Share Itsy’s joy as she dances
  • Show your kindness Itsy when she’s in need of a helping hand
  • Help Itsy express her creativity by changing the colour of her horn
  • Take pictures of Itsy during her adventures
  • And more…


Compatible Products…

How to play:

  • Place your Amitié Lane product on a flat surface
  • Open the Itsy Unicorn app on your device and hold the scanning window over the trigger point of your supported product (e.g. Image of Itsy Unicorn Music Both, Journal Cover, Journal Stickers)
  • Once the augmented reality spawns, you can move your device around to view from different angles.
  • AR Gameplay Immersion is optimised to be viewed by Landscape orientation

To ensure your augmented reality experience spawns and works optimally, you should:

  • Ensure the device and operating system (OS) is supported by the app.
  • Set your device volume to maximum
  • Close any other apps running in the background
  • Minimising the App will require a restart to respawn gameplay

To find out more about Itsy Unicorn’s World App, read our FAQs or view the App Terms and Conditions