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Supporting Girl’s Hygiene and Education in Kenya

In parts of the world like Kenya, access to basic hygiene necessities is far from guaranteed, and the consequences are profound. Lack of access to sanitary products doesn’t just affect physical health; it also impacts girls’ education and future opportunities. Amitie Lane, in partnership with World Youth International, has taken an important step to address this problem by providing hygiene kits for girls.


Empowerment through Hygiene: World Youth International’s Initiative

A simple act of hygiene can be a game-changer to the lives of girls living in Kenya,  and through the efforts of World Youth International, countless women and girls are finding empowerment and hope.

  • Affordable Hygiene Solutions: Providing women and girls with much-needed sanitary products to alleviate health risks.
  • Combatting School Absences: Reducing missed school days due to menstrual concerns, ensuring consistent education.
  • Reusable Support: Introducing reusable hygiene kits, facilitating prolonged assistance and sustainability.
  • Education & Training: Monthly training sessions at Odede Hospital to impart essential hygiene knowledge.
  • Holistic Well-being: Empowering young women to take control of their hygiene, enhancing their overall health and comfort.

The silent challenges faced by many Kenyan women and girls are often overlooked, but thanks to the tireless dedication of World Youth International, these challenges are being actively addressed. Through their initiatives, a wave of change is sweeping across Kenya, turning moments of embarrassment into periods of empowerment. 

Every kit distributed, every training session held, is a step towards a brighter, healthier future for these women and girls.

Amitie Lane’s Impact in Kenya

Every sale of our Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box translates to a day of access to personal hygiene for a girl in need.

Through B1G1, Amitie Lane has made 38,983 impacts. This isn’t just a number. It symbolizes the countless lives touched, the dreams reignited, and an entire community that’s been positively impacted and uplifted.

Every purchase does more than bring joy to our customers; it carries hope to a girl miles away, ensuring her dignity and future remain intact.


Join Us in Making a Difference

Our partnership with World Youth International is a testament to our dedication to empowering young women and improving their well-being.

Every purchase of our Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box isn’t just about cherishing precious memories; it translates directly to providing a day of access to personal hygiene for a girl in need.

We invite you to be part of this important mission. Together, we can improve hygiene, enhance comfort, and support education for girls in Kenya. Your involvement can help transform lives and communities, creating a wave of positive change that resonates far and wide.


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