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Growing Hope: The Green Initiative to Save Borneo’s Orangutans

Endangered species like the Orangutan are under constant threat due to habitat loss and other human-induced factors. Recognizing this crisis, Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Borneo has stepped up. Established as a dedicated sanctuary, this park is actively involved in both the protection of these creatures and the restoration of their natural environment, showcasing a concrete response to a pressing global issue.

Seeds of Dedication

In the heart of Pesalat forest, the Friends of National Parks Foundation shows its unwavering commitment to conservation. They are dedicated to:

  • Rebuilding Native Forest Habitat: Their goal is to restore the indigenous environment at Tanjung Puting National Park.
  • Protecting Orangutans: With every tree planted, they create a secure space for Orangutans, safeguarding them from life-threatening dangers posed by farmers, palm oil plantation staff, and illegal loggers.
  • Plant Diversity: In 2020, the foundation planted a range of saplings, including Meranti Putih, Kayu Ulin, Durian, Nyatoh, Butun/keben, and other native species, totaling up to 1460 trees.
  • Monitoring Wildlife: Through periodic surveys, the foundation keeps tabs on the Orangutan population. Their efforts have potentially assisted over 150 orangutans.

Your Purchase, Their Protection

Here’s where the magic of collaboration comes in. Every time you purchase an Amitie Lane product, you’re not just investing in quality toys for young girls – you’re helping to plant trees to create a sanctuary for Orangutans. Your purchase directly contributes to this noble cause, making every Amitie Lane customer an unsung hero in this conservation effort.

Join the Green Revolution

It’s not just about buying products. It’s about making a statement and taking a stand.

By choosing Amitie Lane, you become part of a larger community that believes in securing a future for our endangered wildlife.

Join us, support the cause, and let’s make a difference – one tree and one Orangutan at a time.

To learn more about Amitié Lane’s Giving Impacts and commitment to the planet, click here.