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Vipla Foundation

From Despair to Hope: Dressing the Wounds of the Innocent

Sex trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity, targeting the most vulnerable among us. Many of the victims, particularly young girls, are lured from impoverished backgrounds with promises of a better life. Instead, they find themselves entrapped in a vicious cycle of violence and exploitation. While their emotional and psychological wounds might take time to heal, organizations like the Vipla Foundation are taking steps to restore their dignity and reintroduce them to a world of care and compassion.


Vipla Foundation, is on a mission:

  • Restoration of Dignity: Every girl rescued from the clutches of commercial sexual exploitation is provided with clean and fresh clothing, a symbolic gesture of starting anew.
  • Holistic Rehabilitation: Beyond clothing, these brave souls receive comprehensive care that includes life-skills training, vocational guidance, and psychological counseling.
  • Breaking the Chains: The majority of these girls are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, tricked into the trade with false promises. Vipla Foundation ensures they are equipped with skills and education to chart a new course for their lives.
  • Local Support: To further aid the community, the clothing is sourced from local manufacturers, ensuring the project also supports local businesses.

Through this project, at any given time, 150 girls are given a chance to reclaim their lives, their identity, and their self-worth.


Every Purchase, A Lifeline

The act of purchasing a product goes beyond its physical value when it comes to Amitie Lane.


With each purchase of toys and gifts for young girls, you’re not merely buying an item; you’re contributing to the rehabilitation of a young girl who has been through unimaginable trauma. As of today, Amitie Lane’s support has created thousands of positive impacts, helping Vipla Foundation in their laudable mission.


Together, We Heal

The journey from trauma to healing is long and arduous. But with combined efforts and the compassionate support of the community, it’s achievable. By choosing Amitie Lane, you are playing a pivotal role in rewriting the stories of these young girls, from tales of despair to narratives of hope.


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