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Empowering Girls in Africa Through Health and Education

In many parts of the world, attending school is a given, and personal health matters are openly discussed. However, in some regions of Africa, there remains a profound gap in access to education and understanding of female health, particularly menstruation. 

Recognizing the gravity of this issue, Amitie Lane has partnered with So They Can, an organization that is steadfast in its mission to empower young girls through health education and awareness.

Championing Girls’ Health: The So They Can Initiative

In the vast expanse of African regions, So They Can emerges as a beacon of hope, leading the way in enhancing sexual health awareness and hygiene for young girls.

This simple act of providing sexual health awareness and hygiene benefits the young girls in various African regions in these ways:

  • Prioritizing Education: Ensuring girls aged 10-15 stay committed to their studies despite potential health-related interruptions.
  • Amplifying Health Knowledge: Offering in-depth understanding and information about hygiene, menstruation, sexual health, and HIV prevention.
  • Promoting Sustainable Solutions: Harnessing the transformative power of reusable sanitary pads to encourage continuous school attendance and improve academic trajectories.
  • Guarding Against Early-Life Challenges: Mitigating the threats of premature pregnancies and forced marriages through increased knowledge and resource availability.
  • Strengthening Grassroots Connections: Forming crucial partnerships with marginalized schools in slum regions to bring about tangible change in education access and quality.

In places where menstruation can disrupt dreams and ambitions, So They Can steps in. 

Through these initiatives, they aren’t just handing out pads, they’re reshaping futures, restoring dignity, and reaffirming the belief that every girl, regardless of her circumstances, deserves a fair shot at education and a brighter future.

Your Purchase, Their Future

Every time you buy our Unicorn Scented Markers Set, you’re providing a day of sexual awareness and hygiene training to girls in Kenya. With unwavering commitment, Amitie Lane has made a substantial difference through its partnership with So They Can.

To date, our impact stands at 38,260, reflecting our dedication to empowering and uplifting young girls. Your choice doesn’t just add value to your life, but to theirs too.

Join Our Journey of Empowerment

At Amitie Lane, we believe that every girl deserves the right to education and health. Our collaboration with So They Can is a testament to this belief. And now, when you purchase our Unicorn Scented Markers Set, you’re not only unlocking a world of creativity but also providing a day of personal development and hygiene training to girls in Kenya.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, let’s ensure that every girl, no matter her circumstances, gets the opportunity to shine and thrive.


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