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Empowering Dreams Through Education in Thailand


Education is more than just absorbing information; it is the key to unlocking dreams, empowerment, and hope for a brighter future. Amitie Lane stands firmly behind this belief and is proud to collaborate with Hands Across the Water to make a tangible difference to children in Thailand.

Hands Across the Water’s Noble Endeavor

Empowering Dreams Through Education in Thailand from Support Amitie Lane on Vimeo.

This organization has embarked on a project that seeks to ensure every orphaned or at-risk child in Thailand has access to school books, even if it’s just for a day.

This simple act of providing school supplies benefits the children in these three ways:

  • Empowerment: Education paves the way for individuals to control their destiny.
  • Gateway to Dreams: Through learning, they can realize their aspirations.
  • Brighter Future: Education fosters hope and opportunities for advancement.

Regions like Yasothon, Chanthaburi, Surin, Chumphon, Khao Lak, and Kanchanaburi have all benefited from this initiative. It’s not just about distributing books; it’s about giving children in these regions – especially primary and secondary students – a fair shot at a brighter future.

How We’re Making a Difference

Every time we sell a unicorn terrarium, we’re doing more than offering a whimsical DIY craft product. We’re also giving an orphaned child in Thailand a day’s access to school books. This small act, multiplied by many sales, can change the trajectory of many young lives.

Through B1G1, Amitié Lane has donated 21,487 days of access to school books, reinforcing our commitment to fostering education and empowering the children of Thailand.

You Are Part of  the Journey to Change

Amitie Lane and Hands Across the Water share a collective vision to make education accessible for every child. Our partnership is more than just charitable work; it’s a commitment to enriching lives, fostering dreams, and building a brighter tomorrow. 

So when you buy our Itsy Unicorn Terrarium, you become  part of this transformative journey, and together, we can sculpt promising chapters in the lives of these deserving children.


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