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Frequently Asked Questions

Itsy Unicorn’s World AR App

Where can I download the Itsy Unicorn’s World app?

You can download the app for your iOS or Android device from the App Store or Google Play. Just search for ‘Itsy Unicorn’ in your app search window, and you should be able to find it.

Do I need VR goggles or goggle cases for my phone/tablet to use the app?

No… As soon as the app is downloaded, and the Amitié Lane product scanned, your child can start venturing into Itsy’s magical world.

How do I know if the app works with my phone or tablet?

The AR app plays well with most of the newer Android and iOS devices. Some older devices may not support the app. You can try freeing up some space on your phone to make room for the app, or you can test your device by opening this link from your phone or tablet.

Why does the app ask permission to access the camera and photos on the phone/tablet?

The app needs to use the camera for the AR experience. It is currently not possible to play the AR experience without approving the permission request

My child is too young to read the text in the app. Is there an audio playback function?

Yes; however, we designed the gameplay and instructions to be intuitive for young kids so they can have a great play experience, regardless of their reading skills. Whilst there are text components to the experience, Itsy will often talk to your child to prompt the gameplay experience. If your child gets stuck or needs help reading parts of the game, you can always read over their shoulder – and learn a bit more about Itsy Unicorn’s World!

Which Amitie Lane products are supported by the AR App?

The following Amitie Lane products are supported by Itsy Unicorn’s World App:

My child is too young to read the text in the app. Is there an audio playback function?

That’s part of the fun! Depending on which Amitié Lane product(s) you have, different parts of the products will trigger the AR experience. To discover which elements will trigger, visit the Itsy Unicorn’s World page.

Will the Itsy Unicorn’s World app be available in my language?

At this stage, Itsy Unicorn’s World is only available in English. We do plan to include other languages in future releases.

My child can’t scan the product. How do we test what’s wrong?

For the AR scanning experience to work, hold the device over the trigger point so that it is face-on.

Make sure the surface you are scanning is clean and free from any marks and scratches.

Check if there is enough light in the room and make sure the product is not covered or shielded from light in any way. Dark rooms or shadows can sometimes cause trouble with the AR scan.

Why can’t I find the app?

Our Itsy Unicorn’s World app is calibrated to work with newer iOS and Android smartphones. But the AR function does have a few technological limitations, so older smart devices may not be compatible.

The app works on devices that support ARkit for iOS or ARCore for Android.
iPhone 6S or newer iPhones support ARKit. Compatible iPads include iPad Pro (all models), iPad 5th & 6th generations (2018 or newer).

The app has suddenly slowed down and the game-play is stuck. What do I do?

The app uses the latest AR software, which can take up a hefty chunk of your phone’s memory and processing power. If you experience slowdown or lag in the gameplay, or if the app seems frozen, force close the app and remove it from the list of apps running in the background. This should refresh the app and play should be able to continue.

The phone/tablet gets very hot while my child is using the app. Is that normal?

Extended-play with the AR experience may make your device work overtime, causing it to get heated. If this happens, close the app until the device cools down completely (and advise your child to play with the physical product in the meantime), then restart the app.

My phone/tablet uses a lot of battery power every time my child plays the game. Is that normal?

The app uses the latest AR technology, which sometimes puts your device battery to the test during long gameplay. So, if the device needs recharging, this is the perfect excuse for your child to take a much-needed break!

Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box

What is the jewelry box made from?

Unlike other jewelry boxes made from cardboard with a paper design, our jewelry box is made from US approved MDF wood and the design is painted. This creates a quality construction which it is built to last.

Has the jewelry box been safety tested?

Yes! We take children’s safety very seriously and it is our TOP priority. All of our products are rigorously tested in development and production. They meet and exceed all US and European safety standards, including lead and heavy metal content. Please keep out of reach of small children, as breakable parts could pose a hazard. For ages 6 and up.

Something is wrong with my order. What next?

We pride ourself on friendly, reliable, fast customer service. If something is not as expected with your order, please contact support@amitielane.com and we will ensure that your issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

How do I clean my jewelry box?

To clean your jewelry box, wipe with a damp cloth but try to avoid areas of glitter. Do not use cleaning chemicals, as this may affect the paint.

How does the wind-up music component work?

To play “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on your jewelry box, wind the music box key in a CLOCKWISE direction. It’s important that you do not wind your music component too tightly. When you start to feel resistance, stop winding. The music box will then play the song when you open the lid of your jewelry box and should stop when you close the lid.