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We make beautiful gifts for girls that
celebrate family, friendship, and love

About us

Amitié Lane is a family-owned business from Sydney, Australia. We started making our products as a way to celebrate the intimate act of gift-giving. Whether it’s a mother to her daughter, a grandma to her granddaughter, or an aunt to her niece, or a friend to a friend, our products celebrate this beautiful bond that creates special, long-lasting memories.

“Amitié” is the French word for ‘friendship.’ If there’s one word that encapsulates everything we stand for, it’s this. Where there’s friendship, there’s genuine affection. Affection that drives the thoughtfulness that comes with giving. At Amitié Lane, our aim is to create beautiful, memorable exchanges of love and friendship that lasts a lifetime.

We believe in the power of giving and giving back to those who need it. We support a select group of charities we truly believe in, who provide necessary services, and hope, to girls all around the world. Every time you purchase a gift through us, we give directly to these charities. So you’re buying more than just a gift for your loved one—you’re supporting girls all over the world. Discover more about our giving projects here.

Amitie Lane Gifts For Girls

Made to be treasured. Made with love.


Quality materials

Every single one of our products is built to last

Each piece is carefully made & tested to our highest standards

Beautiful, modern designs your special girl will love

Each of our products comes in beautiful gift packaging.