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Empowering girls

all around the world

Every time you purchase one of our gifts for your special one, something amazing happens. When you give your gift, part of your purchase goes towards supporting charitable projects that give the gift of hope to another little girl somewhere in the world.

"The unicorn musical jewelry box was a big hit as a Christmas present for my 6 year old!"

Keli Parkes

"I gave this as a gift to my 8yo daughter and she totally loved it! High quality materials and beautiful design."

Katie Harris


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💖 Undoubtedly, the most rewarding thing we do at Amitié Lane is giving to disadvantaged women and girls worldwide...⁠

We wrote to our community a few days ago to let them know that we would DOUBLE our giving for every sale made on Black Friday.⁠

We've just done the calculations, and (drum roll...) ⁠

Thanks to you, our customers, 7,678 women and children were positively impacted!!⁠

Words can't describe how that makes us feel. Here is some of what you helped make happen:⁠

⭐️ 5,708 days of sexual awareness and hygiene training for girls in Kenya⁠

⭐️ 617 days of access to school books for an orphaned child in Thailand⁠

⭐️ 390 days of access to sanitary items for girls in Kenya⁠

⭐️ 168 days of access to literacy education for a Dalit girl in India⁠

⭐️ 126 days of literacy and business training for women in Uganda⁠

⭐️ 36 days of learning tools to a nursery school child in Ethiopia⁠

Together we can make a difference. One girl at a time. 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼⁠

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🦄 UNIROCKs are the perfect gift for any unicorn lover. Similar to pet rocks (but magical), they come complete with an entertaining "How To Treat Your UNIROCK" manual, where you learn the ins and outs of becoming best friends with your UNIROCKs. ...

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🦄 Unleash your child's imagination and creativity with their own personalized, magical unicorn garden. ⁠

🌿 Our DIY terrarium kit has been designed specifically with girls in mind and contains all the special features that little girls love! ⁠

💡 She can design her garden any way she wants, with sparkly crystals, miniature mushrooms and, of course, a super cute unicorn. The pretty pink lid includes a handle, which makes it easy for your little girl to carry the terrarium around.⁠

📸 @quincyandskylar

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⭐️ When we decided to design an erasable doodle book product, we wanted it to be so much more than what was already on the market.⁠

That's why we also included EXTRA activities for your little one...⁠

So, apart from the regular doodle book drawing, you can also:⁠

✅ Create gorgeous designs on rainbow scratch paper⁠
✅ Design cute scenes on fantasy landscapes with reusable stickers⁠
✅ Practise drawing skills by tracing mermaids, fairies, unicorns, and so much more on the transparent page⁠

That's 4 activities packed into one activity book!⁠

The perfect way to engage your little one in imaginative play

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