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Empowering girls

all around the world

Every time you purchase one of our gifts for your special one, something amazing happens. When you give your gift, part of your purchase goes towards supporting charitable projects that give the gift of hope to another little girl somewhere in the world.

"The unicorn musical jewelry box was a big hit as a Christmas present for my 6 year old!"

Keli Parkes

"I gave this as a gift to my 8yo daughter and she totally loved it! High quality materials and beautiful design."

Katie Harris


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Believe in the magic of unicorns. They guide little girls to dream fearlessly, believe in themselves, and find the extraordinary in everyday life. 💫🦄 ...

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Introduce your little ones to an exciting world of magic and fun.🦄✨

With our Itsy Unicorn Augmented Reality Experience, your little one can dance with Itsy, help her when she needs a friend, and even show their creative side by changing the color of Itsy's horn.

Compatible with our Musical Jewelry Box, Journal Set, and DIY Terrarium Kit, this AR experience is the perfect way to sprinkle extra magic into playtime.

So, why not join us in Itsy's 3D world today? You can find out more on our website: https://amitielane.com/itsy-unicorn-ar 💖🌟

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Can you imagine the sparkle in your little girl's eyes when she opens our Itsy Unicorn Jewelry Box in front of her friends? 🦄

The moment the lid lifts, a lovely melody plays as Itsy unicorn dances, creating a magical experience she can't wait to share!

Let her spread joy and enchantment in every playdate. Here's to creating unforgettable moments and lifelong friendships! 💖🎵

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Add a sprinkle of magic to your little one's room with our DIY Itsy Unicorn Terrarium Kit 🦄✨.

When night falls, our built-in LED light brings their masterpiece to life, making their bedroom more enchanting.

A beautiful project just right for your little dreamer. 🌿🌛

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